Red Brick’s Laughing Skull and the Local Hot Spot Behind It

Atlanta is moving up on the list in terms of beer cities, partially due to the overwhelming success of beer tap giant, Taco Mac (The Trot Line thanks you, again and again.)  Though our brewing scene and palate are very young, our food scene is a bit more developed. We have had a few standout restaurants make their dent not only in the local market, but also nationwide.  One of these dents has been made by The Vortex.  If you have ever driven through Little Five Points, you cannot miss the giant skull that guests walk through to dine in the restaurant. You’re probably asking yourself, what does this delicious restaurant (widely known due to their amazing burger) have to do with a local Atlanta brewing company.

Laughing Skull

Well, to be honest I didn’t know.  When I grabbed my first glass of Laughing Skull Amber Ale, I had absolutely no idea  what it had to do with the Vortex.  Thanks to Atlanta Beer Master, I quickly caught up on my Atlanta food and drink history concerning the two.  The brew is a collaborative effort of The Vortex and Red Brick Brewing Company, in Atlanta.  Laughing Skull is a medium beer across the board in my opinion.  It’s not too light, and not too heavy.  The alcohol content rings in at about 6% ABV.

Bring this beer out to the Braves game with you for a Friday night or Saturday game.  It is the perfect companion for your tailgate.  The beer won’t leave you feeling too heavy after enjoying a couple plus a hotdog.  This leaves you in perfect cornhole or ladder golf condition for the tailgate festivities.  This is one of those beers that pleases just about everyone, so feel comfortable with grabbing a few six packs to share.  Red Brick also has a great mixing half case, but I have yet to find one with Laughing Skull packed into it.


Where can you find Red Brick’s Laughing Skull in Atlanta (Just to name a few places?)


Have you tried Red Brick’s Laughing Skull?  What did you think?  Drop a line and leave a comment.

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  1. I’m originally from Ga. but now live in N.C. The Duck Rabbit Milk Stout is a favorite of mine. I’ll have to give the Brown Ale a try. You can find the Milk Stout at the liquor store right next to Ted’s Montana Grill on Johnson Ferry Rd. in Marietta, and I’ve even seen Duck Rabbit product at “Cheers” package store in Carrollton, Ga., right down the street from the University of West Ga.

  2. Oops, obviously I meant the post above to go on the Duck Rabbit page.

    • Hey KG,

      Thanks for the info. Georgia and North Carolina are really pushing out great craft beers in the South. I had Natty Greens for the first time back in February. Have you had that? They are located in Greensboro. I’m a fan of their brown ale and their Buckshot.

      Thanks for the comment(s) hah

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