Virginia-Highland’s Summerfest 2011

Very few festivals standout in my mind as an overall amazing experience.  There are plenty of festivals around Atlanta, many of which are fun, but not all of them are made for everyone in the community.  The small neighborhood of Atlanta, Virginia-Highland, offers one of the best all around festivals in the city.  It is a community centered event that has everything for everyone.

Summerfest 2011 begins on Friday, but that special part is exclusive to the families living in the neighborhood of Virginia-Highland.  If you live in the neighborhood, then you are probably already in the know about the parade, dinner, movie viewing, and acoustic street party.  The hours for this day of the event go from 7pm to 11pm.

Now, to the information you are probably interested in:

Summerfest 2011 opens up to the public on Saturday, June 4 at 10am and runs too 11pm.  Sunday will also begin at 10am but will end at 6pm.

Before the festivities begin on Saturday, you can get a head start on the day and jump into the Summerfest 5k Road Race.  I strongly advise you sign up for this race whether you are an avid runner, or a recreational jogger.  The race takes you through the beautiful streets of Virginia-Highland and the neighbors will typically stand outside of their homes cheering you on as you make your way through.  Each registered runner will receive a commemorative Summerfest 2011 t-shirt.  The race begins at 8am, so you will have plenty of time to cool off, change clothes, or grab breakfast.

Virginia Highland SummerfestThe race is just the beginning of the day.  Once 10am hits, tents are open, and booths are serving food and drinks.  There are plenty of cocktails and cold beer to enjoy while admiring beautiful art brought from around the country.  This is also one of my favorite artist markets in Atlanta.  Few offer such a diversity, and high caliber of work as Summerfest.  Once you finish your breakfast beer, you can sit back and enjoy the live music going on throughout the festival.  Stages are set up in multiple areas with great, mostly local lineups.

What to bring:

Keep it minimal.  You will need cash (it’s just easier,) sunscreen, summer clothes, sunglasses, and your I.D. The event is free admission, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Come out to Virginia-Highland for Summerfest 2011, and enjoy one of the city’s favorite festivals for the past 28 years!


Have you ever been to Summerfest in Virginia-Highland?  What do you think?  Drop a line and leave a comment!


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