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So you just threw dinner into the oven, got distracted with other household chores and before you know it something smells like burnt lasagna.  It is burnt lasagna, and by the time you smelled the burning and realized it, it was too late.  Frustrated, you take the charred dinner out of the oven while trying not to curse at your pet, because your significant other is on the phone talking about how hungry they are.  Your dinner night in has now turned into going out, and while you love Taco Mac you can’t fathom going there for the third night this week.  So where do you go?  Where is a good place where they are bound to have something for everyone on the menu?  Easy: The Brickery Grill & Bar.

The Brickery is a little restaurant in Sandy Springs hidden on the corner of Roswell Road and Hilderbrand.  This is your typical all American restaurant, with fish, steak and chicken entrees, as well as awesome salads and burgers.  Most of the time I head to the Brickery, it is for their Caesar Burger.  I have to admit the first time I saw it, it didn’t sound too appetizing, but after tasting a bite, I couldn’t deny its greatness.  Pair it up with some lightly battered but heavenly tasting onion rings, and your favorite local beer.  Even though the Brickery has turned into my favorite place for burger night, you can’t go wrong with any of their entrees.

The Brickery Sandy SpringsOne of my favorite things about the Brickery, is that they always have an awesome deal going on.  Don’t hesitate to sign -up for their e-mail list.  Each week they send out a fun e-mail listing their deal for that week, and for some reason I really enjoy reading them.  The e-mails seem personal, sometimes introducing you to and exceptional staff member, and they always contain a little bit of humor.  The best part is you get to see the awesome deal they are offering, which is sometimes 20% off of your entire meal!  You can’t beat that!

So next time you have a dinner catastrophe, or your boyfriend is flexing his “meatatarian” muscles, and you don’t feel like cooking for everyone, let the Brickery do it for you.  Everyone will end up full and happy, while getting a great deal on your all American, non chain restaurant, meal!

Have you ever been to The Brickery?  Stop by, especially if you visit the Punchline Comedy Club next door.  Drop a line and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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