Midtown Market Is a Sweet Mid-Day Treat

Picture this: It’s your first week at a new job in a new part of town that you are by no means familiar with. You’re eager to get your bearings so one fine, sunny Thursday afternoon during your lunch hour you wonder down the street to see if anything strikes your fancy. Suddenly you see a crowd of people milling around a patio peppered with small stands like you’d see at an art fair. Your curiosity takes you closer and soon you realize that you’ve just stumbled upon a mecca of fine eats, sweet treats and hot tunes, all just a few blocks from your office building. If you’re new job has you working in Midtown, you’ve most likely been introduced to the Midtown Market.

Midtown Market in AtlantaMidtown Market has made a move from Wednesday to Thursdays between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm at 999 Peachtree Street Plaza. Now joining Street Food Thursdays and Pop Up Chef, Midtown Market allows you to grab a delicious lunch from one of the featured food trucks and stock up on fresh produce, homemade snacks and tasty treats, all just a few blocks from your office. If you’re like me, and fairly new to the area, it’s the perfect way to taste some of the best locally grown produce and savor some of the most authentic locally created treats. With vendors like The Hungry Peach, Good Groceries @ Tewksbury Farms, Bakeshop and Bella’s Best Organic Gourmet Goodies, there’s always something for every style and taste bud. So gather everyone in the office for a new weekly tradition with Midtown Market.

And now for the goods:

When: Every Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Where: 999 Peachtree Street Plaza

Why?: Because everyone deserves a taste of Midtown!

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