2nd Annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival

suwanee beer festivalIt’s great to see the world of craft beer exploding in the South.  Metro Atlanta, in particular, has been falling in love with the art of craft beer.  Look at all of the amazing new breweries and festivals popping up.  The rest of the South hasn’t been immune to all of the buzz around the art of creating beer, either.  However, this is not about the rest of the South.  This is all about a brand new festival coming back for round two in 2012.  The Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival is celebrating its second annual exhibition of delicious brews.

The celebration is scheduled for March 31st, 2012.  Home brewer will have the chance to shine, as there will be an official home brewer contest as well.  There will be over 120 craft beers to taste and over 40 brewers present at the event in Suwanee, Georgia.  Along with amazing beer, attendees can ring in the spring time in the South with live music and great street food.  Among some of the brewers represented, some top Southern breweries will be in attendance.  You can expect to taste craft beers from the following:

  • Red Brick Brewing Co
  • Wild Heaven Craft Beers
  • Sweetwater Brewing Co
  • Red Hare Brewing Co.
  • The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
  • Heavy Seas Brewing Co
  • Highland Brewing Company

A percentage of the proceeds from the Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival will be donated to Kingdom Kids.

Tickets purchased in advance cost $35.  If you wait to buy the tickets at the door, it will cost $45.  The best choice for purchasing tickets should be in advance.  Like a handful of other beer festivals, the Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival has already built a reputation for itself around the South as a solid beer festival.  You won’t want to miss out on getting in because you waited to buy your tickets at the entrance.

About the Author Kevin

Kevin Ekmark is the CEO at TrustWorkz, Inc., and the Co-Owner of The Trot Line. He was born and raised in Georgia. Kevin loves peanut butter, bourbon, the outdoors, football season, and rare meat... Oh, and anything with bacon.