Basil Hayden’s Small Batch Bourbon

Basil Hayden's BourbonBourbon is something that the gentlemen from The Trot Line frequently gather around.  Unfortunately, we don’t review what we have been drinking nearly enough.  The last bourbon we reviewed was Buffalo Trace, which was drastically different from my most recent encounter with Basil Hayden’s Small Batch Bourbon.  Differences between the two bourbons were noticeable, but that does not mean I turned my nose up to either.  In fact, I enjoyed the Basil Hayden despite its differences between one of my favorite go-to bourbons.

Basil Hayden, himself, was a master distiller.  His recipe dates back to 1796, where he created a bourbon that stood out from the rest.  The Basil Hayden’s Bourbon has a lighter flavor than most traditional bourbons.  This product of the Jim Beam family uses around twice the amount of rye that is used in other bourbons.  The effect on the flavor softens the sweet, traditional corn base and brings out spicier notes.  The clean, light finish warms you up, leaving a fresh after taste (must be the hint of peppermint.)  This bourbon comes in at 80 proof, and can be sipped neat or enjoyed in a cocktail.

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon is a great transitional bourbon for those who are not used to the complexity and sweetness in most traditional bourbons.  Unfortunately, the price tag leaves little room for those who are experimenting with their pallet.  For lovers of all bourbon and rye whiskeys, this will make a great addition to your liquor whiskey cabinet.

The Verdict: Recommend

About the Author Kevin

Kevin Ekmark is the CEO at TrustWorkz, Inc., the co-owner of En Pointe Designs, and the Co-Owner of The Trot Line. He was born and raised in Georgia. Kevin loves peanut butter, bourbon, the outdoors, football season, and rare meat... Oh, and anything with bacon.