Spring Time Is Perfect for a SweetWater Brewery Visit

SweetWater Brewing Company just celebrated their 15th anniversary, and they are due some thanks for sparking the craft brewing business to Georgia.  If you live in Georgia, you can’t go to a restaurant these days without running into a SweetWater brew on the beer list.  There’s good reason for this fact; it’s damn good beer.  Enjoying their beer at dinner, the tailgate, or watching football at home is only part of the SweetWater experience.

sweetwater brewing company

If you are a local, or visiting Atlanta, you need to plan on visiting the SweetWater Brewery, especially in the Spring.  The brewery is often a social gathering for locals on weekdays for happy hour and on weekend as well.  They often bring in local bands to provide patrons entertainment on their tour days.  The brewery is a bit bigger than other craft breweries rising up around Atlanta, so it is an completely different experience.  Though they have been expanding, especially this year, that does not mean that the quality of their beers has suffered.  In fact, they are creating better beers than ever before.

SweetWater is the home for the Brew Your Cask Off festival in March, and it is one beer festival that you won’t want to miss.  The festival includes a unique approach to beer tasting, as it features cask beers only (you can taste their beers while you are there too.)

If you’re visiting, or just a local looking for something cool to do in Atlanta, make sure you visit SweetWater Brewing Company this Spring.

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