Where to Fill Your Growler in Metro Atlanta

Growlers are the hot new thing in the craft beer industry right now.  Folks love to get a 64 oz jug of quality craft beers on tap to go.  Depending on the beer, you are paying anywhere from $8 to $12 to fill your jar.  Typically, it’s a great deal for quality craft beer.

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The first time that I had ever heard of growlers making their way to the Atlanta area is when The Beer Growler in Athens, GA opened up.  They were the first growler filling station in Georgia, and set the bar for everyone else.  Now that the craft beer industry is beginning to explode in the South, it’s probably about time that you found a growler filling station by you. Here are a few locations to fulfill your craft beer dreams in Metro Atlanta.

Growler Filling Stations in Metro Atlanta

  • Ale Yeah! – Decatur, GA –The City o Decatur is famous for great booze and great people.  People of all walks of life can be found enjoying a beer at one of their many famous pubs. Ale Yeah! had a tough crowd to please, and they have done just that.  Ale Yeah! has 12 growler taps, growlers for sale, and an ever changing inventory of craft beer by the bottle.
  • The Beer Growler – Athens, GA and Avondale Estates, GA – Avondale Estates is commonly considered apart of Decatur, but it has a vibe of its own.  Craft brewers like Wild Heaven Craft Brewery have made their way to this part of town. The Beer Growler, as mentioned before, was the first growler filling station in Georgia with their location in Athens.  They have brought their love for craft beers on tap to East Atlanta with their newest location.
  • Crafty Draught – Cumming, GA – The fine folks of North Georgia have a new, and friendly source of craft beers on tap at Crafty Draught.  They no longer have to make the trip to inside the perimeter for great craft beers. Crafty Draught keeps 20 rotating taps, growlers for sale, and craft beer by the bottle as well.
  • Hop City – Atlanta, GA – Hop City has invaded the booming West Side of Atlanta with their impressive amount of craft beers on tap.  Pick up a growler, and while you are there, ask one of their beer experts about homebrewing as well.  Hop City was the first to bring a growler filling station to the City of Atlanta.
  • Moondog Growlers – Marietta, GA – This is one of the newest growler filling stations in town.  They keep 30 beers on tap for the suburban area of Marietta, GA.  This is a great place to find some of the newest Atlanta area brewers on tap like Monday Night and Red Hare Brewing Company, which are not available by bottle or can yet.

The list for growler fill stations in Metro Atlanta is still expanding.  Where is your favorite place to fill up on craft beer?

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** Update 4/5/13 **
We’re building a special resource for all of our draft lovers in the south! Check out an updated list of beer growler shops in metro Atlanta at our Growler Locator page.

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