Red Hare Rabbit’s Reserve #2: Imperial Red IPA

Red Hare Brewing Co Imperial Red IPAIt’s always exciting to see craft breweries jumping in head first and experimenting with new beers.  One of Atlanta‘s newest breweries, Red Hare Brewing Co, has already made a name for themselves with a solid fleet of flagship brews and their cask experiments (which you can usually find on weekend brewery tours.)  These guys aren’t afraid to share with you what they’re playing around with.  That said, Red Hare’s second reserve release, the Rabbit’s Reserve #2 Imperial Red IPA, has been making its way around a few local taps and local growler stations, and they weren’t playing around when they released it.

This Imperial Red IPA is exceptionally clean and well rounded.  Coming in at 9.4% ABV, many who are not big fans of hops might be weary of trying it out.  However, the flavor is complex with a hint of sweetness and citrus flavor.  The hops play a major role in the flavor, but they are never overwhelming, even on the finish.  Not only is this a beer for beer lovers, but it is also a great brew for transitioning over into hop heavy brews as well.

If you’re looking for this beer, check a few local growler filling stations.  I have still seen it around a few local bars, including Taco Macs in the Metro Atlanta area as well.  Don’t skip this Red Hare brew if you come across it.  Stopping by for a tour at Red Hare Brewing Company is strongly suggested, as you may come across the Imperial Red IPA, along with a few cask ale surprises.

About the Author Kevin

Kevin Ekmark is the CEO at TrustWorkz, Inc., and the Co-Owner of The Trot Line. He was born and raised in Georgia. Kevin loves peanut butter, bourbon, the outdoors, football season, and rare meat... Oh, and anything with bacon.