Great Southern Cafe at Seaside, Florida

It’s been way too long since I visited the Panhandle. Around a week ago, my wife and I celebrated our honeymoon in Seaside, Florida. If you’re not familiar with the Panhandle, Seaside is one of the older residential developments in between Destin and Panama City. I highly recommend it if crowded beaches aren’t your thing.

One day during our honeymoon, we came back to our beach condo to grab some lunch and plan our dinner. After searching the Google, we decided on Great Southern Cafe which is located in the heart of Seaside. We decided to enjoy a sunset dinner (which conveniently aligned well with their happy hour).

First Impressions of Great Southern Cafe

There’s no such thing as finding a bad parking spot in Seaside. Wherever you end up parking your chariot, you won’t regret the scenic walk towards your destination within the community. Great Southern Cafe is located at the upper middle area of downtown Seaside, and you couldn’t miss it even if you tried.

Happy Hour at Seaside, FL

We opted for a table on the front porch so that we could enjoy the sunset and the perfect weather. If you typically follow my posts, you know that I love whiskey and IPA’s. When it comes to kicking back at the beach, I’m most likely found with a strong margarita or a refreshing mojito. Lucky for me, Great Southern Cafe has a great mojito! I took advantage of happy hour (we paid around $5 per drink) and enjoyed two quality mojitos before dinner.

Dinner at Great Southern Cafe

This is the menu that people who go to the beach but don’t like seafood will enjoy. There are a variety of fresh seafood selections at Great Southern Cafe, as well as land dwelling (or growing) options for every diner. For dinner, we ordered the Crab Cakes & Green Tomatoes and the Classic Gulf Coast Seafood Tonight’s Catch (which was Grouper… My favorite ugly fish to eat.)

Seaside FL Restaurant

Our food came out piping hot and ready to enjoy. Both of our meals were prepared just as we had requested and they were the perfect fit for enjoying the sunset view.

When you visit a town on the beach, you can expect for prices to be inflated, especially in a beautiful town like Seaside. Great Southern Cafe not was not only well priced for the area, but the quality of food and service were excellent as well.

Crab Cakes Great Southern Cafe

The Trot Line Rating

Overall, we loved the drinks and enjoyed a great meal. I strongly suggest you make it to happy hour and enjoy a few of their small plates and quick bites. For the great value and quality of food and drink, we give the following rating:

Great Southern Cafe: It’s a Keeper! (strong recommendation)

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