Table & Main – A Southern Tavern in Historic Roswell

Every night when I drive home from work, I drive down Canton Street right through Historic Roswell.  There are tons of restaurants, shops, bakeries and even art galleries in just a mile stretch of the road.  Everything looks so delicious, so for my birthday dinner I let Kevin choose one of the restaurants.  He went […]

The Rosebud Review

It was about a year ago that I asked my friend if she knew any guys who could take me out to a nice dinner.  She looked around her office and picked Kevin, and set me up on my first ever blind date.  Kevin asked me to dinner over the phone, and suggested we try […]

South City Kitchen Midtown Brings Out Your Southern Drawl

Anyone who grows up in Northern Virginia, like I did, will argue that it should be a separate state from Virginia. Most of us claim that we are Northerners when we venture down to the South, regardless of where the Mason-Dixon line lies. Sweet tea and Chick-fil-a didn’t even reach our area until just a […]

The Brickery Bar & Grill | Burgers, Beer, & Much More!

So you just threw dinner into the oven, got distracted with other household chores and before you know it something smells like burnt lasagna.  It is burnt lasagna, and by the time you smelled the burning and realized it, it was too late.  Frustrated, you take the charred dinner out of the oven while trying not to […]

Don’t Skip Over Stone Mountain Park

Sometimes the spots that are closest to us are the ones we take for granted.  Many people who live right next to big cities live so close that we never actually take time to visit cool places that may be considered typical tourist attractions.   Whether you are an Atlanta local or visiting from out […]

{three} sheets to Sandy Springs

The great thing about living in Atlanta is that there are a bunch of cities combined into one.  Whether you are in Midtown, Decatur, Buckhead, or College Park, you can find some great local places to go eat.  Some of us don’t live inside the Perimeter, but we still reap the benefits of living in […]

Downtown Decatur Date Night at Parker’s on Ponce

Whenever you move to a new place it takes some time get your bearings.  You have to find the grocery store, your favorite gas station, and even the local Target, but most importantly you have to weed out those favorite spots to eat.  Luckily, when I moved to Atlanta I found a guy who somehow knows all […]

Comfort Found at Cook-Out

One summer when I was home from college I went through serious Cook-Out withdrawals.  I mentioned it to my Mom and she immediately fired up the grill to cook some hot dogs and hamburgers.  She didn’t understand that I was not talking about having a cook out in the backyard.  I was talking about one […]