40 Hours In Asheville

The dog days of August are here, and doesn’t a weekend in the mountains sound nice? A quick look at the weather shows a 10 degree difference between Atlanta & Asheville temperatures, and I haven’t even run the numbers on humidity. Mercy. Trust me, and hop on I-85 up towards Ashevegas. You think Athens is […]

Backpack Like a Pro, or How to Not Be a City Slicker

Camping is a unique experience. You are consciously choosing to leave your bed, electricity, running water, and oven behind. What you receive is the opportunity to breathe fresh air, pack down to the essentials, and view life through a different lens. There are several different ways we can define the camping experience (car camping, glamping, […]

Southern Ground: 10 Independent Coffee Shops We Love

I Love Coffee I first started drinking coffee regularly during the summers I worked at Camp Rockmont, but this infatuation did not start in earnest until I graduated college. Coffee has become a welcome daily ritual, something warm, and a drink to gather around. I’ve begun to even have particular roasts and regions I’m fond […]

Summer Day Hike Essentials

It’s Friday, and you’re stuck in traffic. Again. The concrete jungle hems you in as you will the car forward to a break in the horizon, your exit sending you home. Perhaps you’re maneuvering your cart through the aisles at Trader Joe’s, looking for real trees instead of the ones painted on the signs. You […]