Summer Arts in Atlanta

The newly blooming dogwoods are giving my allergies a kick in the pants, the loudly chirping birds are ensuring my afternoon nap doesn’t happen, and the school children are itching with excitement and annoying the crap out of their teachers as they get closer and closer to that taste of heaven known as summer vacation. […]

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill – Organic done right!

When I was first invited to try out R. Thomas Deluxe Grill, through a few friends who are my go-to sources on the best local cuisine, I was skeptical. I’ve always (shamefully) been the type to turn my nose up at any restaurant that seems “different” or “out of the norm” and the selling point […]

BrickTop’s in Buckhead: As American as Deviled Eggs

Despite having lived in Atlanta for a little over two years, there’s one thing that I’ve constantly felt I’ve been missing; a real “taste” of Atlanta. The majority of my dining adventures consist of cooking at home, visiting the same favorite few places, some chains (shame on me) and from time to time a ritzy […]

Midtown Market Is a Sweet Mid-Day Treat

Picture this: It’s your first week at a new job in a new part of town that you are by no means familiar with. You’re eager to get your bearings so one fine, sunny Thursday afternoon during your lunch hour you wonder down the street to see if anything strikes your fancy. Suddenly you see […]