2nd Annual #ForTheFarmer Event by Kula Project

Alright Atlanta. What I’m about to present to you is an amazing excuse to go eat and drink at some of my favorite spots around Atlanta. The Kula Project First, let’s start off by telling you a little bit about the Kula Project: Sarah Buchanan and James Sasson co-founded Kula Project, headquartered in Atlanta, with the goal […]

How to Survive the 2013 Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival

Well folks, it’s back and I’m already hydrating in preparation. The Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival was easily one of top highlights of 2012 for me. Or at least I think it was (still a little hazy). After a sellout crowd in 2012, the show geniuses at BB&BBQ have upped the ante. In order to […]

5 Ways to Give Back in Atlanta

Do Something Great for Someone Thanksgiving often gives me the opportunity to look back and think about how blessed I am. I would imagine that the majority of you do the same. Unfortunately, it’s also a crazy time of year and I can easily become consumed with myself. It’s easy to forget that there are […]

Spring Time Is Perfect for a SweetWater Brewery Visit

SweetWater Brewing Company just celebrated their 15th anniversary, and they are due some thanks for sparking the craft brewing business to Georgia.  If you live in Georgia, you can’t go to a restaurant these days without running into a SweetWater brew on the beer list.  There’s good reason for this fact; it’s damn good beer.  […]

The Red Hare Brewing Company Experience

As of today, I have experienced the Red Hare Brewing Company brewery tour twice, and each time I have learned something completely new.  Over the past few years, I have experienced my fair share of brewery tours, and these have been by far the best so far. If you aren’t from Georgia, I’ll clue you […]

Don’t Skip Over Stone Mountain Park

Sometimes the spots that are closest to us are the ones we take for granted.  Many people who live right next to big cities live so close that we never actually take time to visit cool places that may be considered typical tourist attractions.   Whether you are an Atlanta local or visiting from out […]

Planning Your Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in Atlanta

We have all spent some amount of time at work or in a boring professor’s lecture wondering what it would be like play plan the perfect day of hooky.  I can’t tell you how often I sat back in my chair, wondering what I would do if I had just taken the day off.  A […]

Tubing Down the ‘Hooch

[Updated 4/4/13] Whether you are from the city, or from the backwoods, there is one thing that all Georgians love to do during the summer; Tube down the ‘Hooch.   The Chattahoochee River plays a major role in Northern Georgia’s ecosystem and recreation.  You can hear shotgun blasts and calls up and down the river […]