Crazy Comfortable Socks by Kentwool

I recently picked up golfing again after a few years away from the links. Getting back into the game has been a fun and slightly embarrassing experience. My family and friends who play have been more than patient with me as I shake off some rust. One of the big reasons that I enjoy the […]

Fashion Debate: The two+seven Girls Talk Travel Bags For Him

If you’ve read my previous post, I must point out that the peacoat debacle is only one of many fashion-related issues I have with my main squeeze. While packing for our trip to New York City, I couldn’t help but laugh at the bags he threw together: a worse-for-wear Georgia Tech sports bag, zip-locks for […]

Breaking Bad Habits & Buying Peacoats

Band Of Outsiders – Bergdorf Goodman Having lived in New York City for five years and loving fashion all my life, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about style. My born-and-bred Georgia man, however, is a different story. His sense of fashion revolves around three things: what his mom buys him, […]

Spring/Summer Essentials: Costa Del Mar

Spring is probably my favorite time of the year to live in Georgia. Baseball season is in full swing, the pollen is receding and Atlanta’s population is flocking to the multitude of porches and outdoor festivals around the city. All of this outdoor fun makes a good pair of sunglasses an essential part of your […]

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Gentleman

For the guys that like the finer things in life, this list is for you. Bow Try No. 1 (From Starboard Clothing Co. & The Old Try) | $45 This Colaboration between The Old Try and Starboard Clothing Co. comes just in time for the holidays. These 100% cotton ties are a limited run (30 […]

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Sportsman

This is a list of gear every Sportsman needs (even if he doesn’t know it yet).   Peach State Pride Camo Hat | $20 Show your Georgia Pride without being seen. Gorilla Pod by Joby | $20 Grip this bad boy to a tree limb while in the woods or on a railing while on […]

Holiday Gift Guide: What To Get Your Lady

Gift ideas for girls that won’t break the bank or break you up. Give the gift of wearing: Brooks Brothers Ring – Put a (bow tie) ring on it. Nisolo Mendez Flats – Ohmygod, shoes. Based in Nashville, empowering people in Peru, can’t go wrong with any of their styles. Give the gift of drinking: Firefly Sweet […]

What to Wear to…Summer Concert(s)

My husband and I were sitting on our front porch the other night, sippin’ beers, eagerly discussing the Coldplay concert we’ll be attending. Will they play “Fix You?” Will I dance the entire time? Will Rihanna make a surprise guest apparence causing me to scream like a little girl? What will we wear? Uh oh. […]

What to Wear to…The Water

The beach, the lake, the river, the pool, the…slip ‘n slide? If it’s got water, it’s time we’re in it, folks. Personally, I love a short inseam on swim trunks, 5” being perfect on just about every guy (in my opinion). Though, if you’re brave enough to sport a 4”, you’ll make me smile a very […]