Small Batch Coffee Roasting in Thomasville, GA

Grassroots Coffee Thomasville

Coffee, like wine or whiskey, is created through an artful process.  While you can find a coffee shop on nearly every corner of any metro city, it is rare to run into a coffee shop that also roasts their beans in house.  This process, if you have ever been lucky enough to witness it, requires […]

Atlanta Beer Festivals Spring 2012

Atlanta Beer Festivals Spring 2012

One of the best things about the weather warming up in the south is that it’s festival season.  Some of the best festivals revolve around refreshing adult beverages.  The Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival kicked things off in Atlanta, and now its time to welcome the next few festivals.  Here are four beer festivals around […]

The Holy Grail of Festivals: Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival

Beer Bourbon and BBQ Festival

Brace yourselves Atlanta. The Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival has finally arrived. BB&BBQ combines 3 festivals in one for 3 times the goodness. Atlanta as a city seems to embrace any excuse to throw a outdoor party for people to gather and day drink, but this one is a whole other animal. The festival website […]

A Grand Old Party with Old Try + Fallen Arrows

Prints sold by Old Try

Two of our favorite Southern companies are throwing A Grand Old Party in Atlanta, Georgia and they want to celebrate with you.  We’re pretty excited because one of our very own monthly contributors, Micah of Old Try, will be making his way to the ATL. If you haven’t heard of Old Try yet, you can […]

Feeling Lucky in Atlanta – St. Patrick’s Day Events

St Patrick's Day in Atlanta

We take our St. Patrick’s Day events pretty seriously around here.  St. Patty’s Day parties can be found throughout the entire city of Atlanta, but there are a few in particular which you might want to wander your way over to this year.  One of the reasons why I love the coming of St. Patrick’s […]

2nd Annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival

suwanee beer festival

It’s great to see the world of craft beer exploding in the South.  Metro Atlanta, in particular, has been falling in love with the art of craft beer.  Look at all of the amazing new breweries and festivals popping up.  The rest of the South hasn’t been immune to all of the buzz around the […]

On the game.


I sit here. Waiting to see Eli. Brady. Waiting on the news coverage to get back to meltdowns or occupations or  those fluff stories we saw before ’08 or especially before that September in ’01. Waiting for the talk we’ll share at pubs, here in the Commonwealth, as we speculate on what will happen next […]

An East Tennessee Holiday from Southern Belle Simple

joy window dec

  Christmas is upon us and here in my sweet southern city of Knoxville, the goose is definitely getting fat. First, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Kate Spears and you can usually find me over at my personal blog, Southern Belle Simple. I was beyond honored when Kevin extended the invitation for me […]

On library books


There was an old house. No more than four blocks as the crow flies. Probably six as the fox. It was filled with books. It was also a library. The Houston Memorial Library. I don’t know what I was to memorialize there. Maybe a confederate general. They had book sales every now and then. Those […]