Summer Arts in Atlanta

The newly blooming dogwoods are giving my allergies a kick in the pants, the loudly chirping birds are ensuring my afternoon nap doesn’t happen, and the school children are itching with excitement and annoying the crap out of their teachers as they get closer and closer to that taste of heaven known as summer vacation. […]

On library books

There was an old house. No more than four blocks as the crow flies. Probably six as the fox. It was filled with books. It was also a library. The Houston Memorial Library. I don’t know what I was to memorialize there. Maybe a confederate general. They had book sales every now and then. Those […]

Charlotte Foster Dances Her Way to Success in the Atlanta Arts

A few months ago, I attended a showcase show at 7 Stages Theater in Little Five Points, a neighborhood in Atlanta.  Dance had been something that I had grown up around, but let’s just say that this 6’4″, 200 lbs guy found his home on the football field and not the stage.  Many of my […]