Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival Atlanta – A Fuzzy Recap

The 2012 Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival Tasting glass. Cheers!

It’s taken a full week, but I’ve finally drifted back to reality after experiencing what can only be described as heaven on earth, the Holy Grail of all Southern goodness – the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival (BBB).  The festival made its way to Atlanta for the first time ever and, with breath that still […]

Where to Fill Your Growler in Metro Atlanta

beer growler

Growlers are the hot new thing in the craft beer industry right now.  Folks love to get a 64 oz jug of quality craft beers on tap to go.  Depending on the beer, you are paying anywhere from $8 to $12 to fill your jar.  Typically, it’s a great deal for quality craft beer. The […]

Spring Time Is Perfect for a SweetWater Brewery Visit

sweetwater brewing company

SweetWater Brewing Company just celebrated their 15th anniversary, and they are due some thanks for sparking the craft brewing business to Georgia.  If you live in Georgia, you can’t go to a restaurant these days without running into a SweetWater brew on the beer list.  There’s good reason for this fact; it’s damn good beer.  […]

Atlanta Beer Festivals Spring 2012

Atlanta Beer Festivals Spring 2012

One of the best things about the weather warming up in the south is that it’s festival season.  Some of the best festivals revolve around refreshing adult beverages.  The Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival kicked things off in Atlanta, and now its time to welcome the next few festivals.  Here are four beer festivals around […]

2nd Annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival

suwanee beer festival

It’s great to see the world of craft beer exploding in the South.  Metro Atlanta, in particular, has been falling in love with the art of craft beer.  Look at all of the amazing new breweries and festivals popping up.  The rest of the South hasn’t been immune to all of the buzz around the […]

The Red Hare Brewing Company Experience

Red Hare Brewing Company

As of today, I have experienced the Red Hare Brewing Company brewery tour twice, and each time I have learned something completely new.  Over the past few years, I have experienced my fair share of brewery tours, and these have been by far the best so far. If you aren’t from Georgia, I’ll clue you […]

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Nothing goes better with aged beef than an American IPA.  Tonight, I chose to pick up a beer that straddles the Mason Dixon line.  The Heavy Seas Loose Cannon forever solidifies Maryland as a Southern state in my mind. Loose Cannon is an easy going beer.  It’s exceptionally smooth.  The citrus notes mellow out the bitter […]

Atlanta Beer Week 2011


If you thought that the Atlanta beer festivals this summer were fun, wait till you experience an entire week of craft beer! Atlanta Beer Week is an entire week devoted to craft beer… in Atlanta.  The week long hoppy extravaganza begins on October 1 and ends on October 8, 2011.  This year is supposed to […]

Natty Greene’s Buckshot Amber Ale by the Growler

Natty Greene Brewing Co

We shuffled our way into the car, half asleep, eyes barely open, coffee deprived, but anxious for what the Memorial Day weekend had in store for us.  Originally when we had plotted our course, we had made plans to stop by Greensboro, North Carolina on our way to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.  Those plans […]