Backpack Like a Pro, or How to Not Be a City Slicker

Camping is a unique experience. You are consciously choosing to leave your bed, electricity, running water, and oven behind. What you receive is the opportunity to breathe fresh air, pack down to the essentials, and view life through a different lens. There are several different ways we can define the camping experience (car camping, glamping, […]

Southern Ground: 10 Independent Coffee Shops We Love

I Love Coffee I first started drinking coffee regularly during the summers I worked at Camp Rockmont, but this infatuation did not start in earnest until I graduated college. Coffee has become a welcome daily ritual, something warm, and a drink to gather around. I’ve begun to even have particular roasts and regions I’m fond […]

The Sazerac – A Taste of the New Orleans

There are a few cocktails that define a region or city. Kentucky has the Mint Julep, Texas has the Margarita and New Orleans has the Sazerac. In fact, in 2008 the City of New Orleans finally made it official, naming the Sazerac the official cocktail of the Emerald city. The creation of this southern staple […]

Rico’s World Kitchen: Metro Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret

For the past two years, Rico’s World Kitchen in downtown historic Buford, GA has been my best-kept secret. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t keep it hidden for too long. Chef and owner, Rico Cunnington, has been turning heads and turned this once four table restaurant into a shining light in the Buford and Metro […]

Table & Main – A Southern Tavern in Historic Roswell

Every night when I drive home from work, I drive down Canton Street right through Historic Roswell.  There are tons of restaurants, shops, bakeries and even art galleries in just a mile stretch of the road.  Everything looks so delicious, so for my birthday dinner I let Kevin choose one of the restaurants.  He went […]

Summer 2012 Beer Festivals in Atlanta

Spring is flying by pretty quickly, and our friends at local breweries around the South are already getting us worked up about summer beer festivals in Atlanta.  As you have most likely caught on, we at The Trot Line love our food and drink.  Over the past few years, we have been able to witness […]

Martin Dingman – Leather Goods for Life

You know what I dig? Mad Men. You know what’s even cooler? A Martin Dingman belt on John Slattery. In a recent GQ spread on John Slattery, a Martin Dingman belt appeared. Slattery, looking fresh as always, rocked the belt. Who is Martin Dingman though? Dingman is a remarkable leather craftsman out of the Ozark Mountains. […]

Where to Fill Your Growler in Metro Atlanta

Growlers are the hot new thing in the craft beer industry right now.  Folks love to get a 64 oz jug of quality craft beers on tap to go.  Depending on the beer, you are paying anywhere from $8 to $12 to fill your jar.  Typically, it’s a great deal for quality craft beer. The […]

The Red Hare Brewing Company Experience

As of today, I have experienced the Red Hare Brewing Company brewery tour twice, and each time I have learned something completely new.  Over the past few years, I have experienced my fair share of brewery tours, and these have been by far the best so far. If you aren’t from Georgia, I’ll clue you […]