Backpack Like a Pro, or How to Not Be a City Slicker

Camping is a unique experience. You are consciously choosing to leave your bed, electricity, running water, and oven behind. What you receive is the opportunity to breathe fresh air, pack down to the essentials, and view life through a different lens. There are several different ways we can define the camping experience (car camping, glamping, […]

Summer Day Hike Essentials

It’s Friday, and you’re stuck in traffic. Again. The concrete jungle hems you in as you will the car forward to a break in the horizon, your exit sending you home. Perhaps you’re maneuvering your cart through the aisles at Trader Joe’s, looking for real trees instead of the ones painted on the signs. You […]

On thin ice

It’s just a peculiar winter. I was out jogging last night, after dark, down Revolutionary roads. Past signs for Indian footpaths that are now named after colonists. Houses from 17– that have cable internet. They glowed, the warmth of density. In years past the glow might pull up a chair on the Massachusetts snow-drifts, out […]

Hammocks – Not Just for the Lazy Afternoon

Over the past two years, I have embarked upon a drastic deviation from my normal camping routine. Up until that point, I only knew camping as pitching a tent and sleeping on the cold hard ground as has been done for centuries. My world was rocked one evening as I was talking to a close […]

Day Hiking in Georgia

The fall is fast approaching here in Georgia, and the weather has thankfully started to cool off. For me, and many outdoor enthusiasts, this means it is time to get back outside and enjoy nature. This could be anything from taking a walk with the family, playing fetch with the dog at the park, taking […]

Tubing Down the ‘Hooch

[Updated 4/4/13] Whether you are from the city, or from the backwoods, there is one thing that all Georgians love to do during the summer; Tube down the ‘Hooch.   The Chattahoochee River plays a major role in Northern Georgia’s ecosystem and recreation.  You can hear shotgun blasts and calls up and down the river […]

The Only Gun Shop in Atlanta

I grew up hearing from my Mom that we were not a “gun family,” and that I would never own a gun while I was living under my parents roof.  Life as a teenager was rough, right?  Something that is found deep within the heart of a young man is this call to be wild.  […]