Craftsmanship – Forged with Heart

I remember when I stopped paying so much attention to the end result and shifted my eyes towards the entire process of a product. It’s like the first time when you sit back and actually take a minute to admire a sunset. In just five minutes, the sky can change dramatically, ending with a beautiful […]

The Most Versatile Whiskey Found Down South

A few months ago, Charlie and Jim of American Spirit Whiskey invited me to join them at The Family Dog in Atlanta. I was coming down from Marietta, so I knew that I needed to leave a bit early to make it to Virginia-Highlands a few minutes early. Of course, I managed to take the […]

On the tracks

Most of life I learned by walking from this side of the tracks to that side. I walked home from middle school. Every day. Three miles or so. With my saxophone always and another kid named Clay sometimes. I’d learned about entropy by walking along the train tracks. Because tracks, you see, have already chosen […]

On a spring morning

George often wondered how many people in the city realize how much the life of the great city meant to him and countless others like him; how, long ago in little towns down South, there in the barren passages of night, they listened to the wheel, the whistle, and the bell; how, there in the […]

On thin ice

It’s just a peculiar winter. I was out jogging last night, after dark, down Revolutionary roads. Past signs for Indian footpaths that are now named after colonists. Houses from 17– that have cable internet. They glowed, the warmth of density. In years past the glow might pull up a chair on the Massachusetts snow-drifts, out […]

On library books

There was an old house. No more than four blocks as the crow flies. Probably six as the fox. It was filled with books. It was also a library. The Houston Memorial Library. I don’t know what I was to memorialize there. Maybe a confederate general. They had book sales every now and then. Those […]

On firewood

Son, we’re not going to be able to make it for Thanksgiving. The dog is real sick – he’s been sick for months, but now he can’t even stand up. And I can’t just put him down to come up there, I’m sorry. That’s the call I got last week. Last week when our turkey […]

Pickin’ Peaches with Derek Chitwood

Over the past few months, I have been hounding one of our long time supporters, Derek Chitwood of Peach State Pride, for an interview.  Finally, we had the chance to sit down over a peach or two and spend some time together. The story of this small town, peach picking, charming, Southern guy is pretty […]

Southern Ties Defies a Generation’s Stereotype

The young folks in their teens, 20s and early 30s have been labeled the laziest generation to have ever lived.  People seem to think that this my generation feels apathetic and entitled.  I can’t deny that though I never grew up rich, I was extremely privileged.  While my friends all had new cars, I was […]