Downtown Decatur Date Night at Parker’s on Ponce

Whenever you move to a new place it takes some time get your bearings.  You have to find the grocery store, your favorite gas station, and even the local Target, but most importantly you have to weed out those favorite spots to eat.  Luckily, when I moved to Atlanta I found a guy who somehow knows all […]

Red Brick’s Laughing Skull and the Local Hot Spot Behind It

Atlanta is moving up on the list in terms of beer cities, partially due to the overwhelming success of beer tap giant, Taco Mac (The Trot Line thanks you, again and again.)  Though our brewing scene and palate are very young, our food scene is a bit more developed. We have had a few standout […]

Sippin’ Back on Costco’s Small Batch Bourbon

Over the past year, Costco has been making noise in the alcohol market.  In Georgia, they are legally allowed to sell liquor, but it is shop separated from the rest of the building.  I can only assume that they have done this to side step the liquor laws in Georgia.  It was a good call!  […]

Planning Your Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in Atlanta

We have all spent some amount of time at work or in a boring professor’s lecture wondering what it would be like play plan the perfect day of hooky.  I can’t tell you how often I sat back in my chair, wondering what I would do if I had just taken the day off.  A […]

Tubing Down the ‘Hooch

[Updated 4/4/13] Whether you are from the city, or from the backwoods, there is one thing that all Georgians love to do during the summer; Tube down the ‘Hooch.   The Chattahoochee River plays a major role in Northern Georgia’s ecosystem and recreation.  You can hear shotgun blasts and calls up and down the river […]

The Only Gun Shop in Atlanta

I grew up hearing from my Mom that we were not a “gun family,” and that I would never own a gun while I was living under my parents roof.  Life as a teenager was rough, right?  Something that is found deep within the heart of a young man is this call to be wild.  […]

Atlanta Is Sweeter on Earth Day

Life in the South this year has been pretty great.  We had a few early hints of that warm, Georgia weather back in March, and now we are all ready to put away those sweaters and welcome in the consistent warmth of April and May.  Now that it’s time to bust out the shorts and […]