Natty Greene’s Buckshot Amber Ale by the Growler

We shuffled our way into the car, half asleep, eyes barely open, coffee deprived, but anxious for what the Memorial Day weekend had in store for us.  Originally when we had plotted our course, we had made plans to stop by Greensboro, North Carolina on our way to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.  Those plans […]

The Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale Hop and Waddle

When I was first introduced to beer, my tastes immediately gravitated towards typical Brown Ales like Newcastle.  There was something about all of those complex flavors that I loved.  Soon after my love for Newcastle developed, I began exploring the world of dark ales altogether, including high gravity brews. At the time, I’m not sure […]

Comfort Found at Cook-Out

One summer when I was home from college I went through serious Cook-Out withdrawals.  I mentioned it to my Mom and she immediately fired up the grill to cook some hot dogs and hamburgers.  She didn’t understand that I was not talking about having a cook out in the backyard.  I was talking about one […]